Julie Warner

Subject: Vocational guidance, career development, psychological effects of teaching, errors, experience, work

New teachers enter the profession with energy, enthusiasm, great ideas...and naïveté born of the distance between teacher preparation programs and the realities of the modern classroom. Unfortunately, first year teachers often face pressures to be perfect. Many feel that they must avoid making mistakes and strive for perfection as the experts and authority figures in the classroom. Even when they are given the space to make mistakes by their school leaders, colleagues, or parents, they often fear missteps. This volume will bring together 25 stories of first-hand experiences from veteran teachers, some still in the classroom, and some who have left to become district leaders, policy makers, and advocates, to expose the myriad mistakes they made as teachers and what they learned from the experience.

We invite submissions of 1500-2000 words written in first-person perspective illustrating a time you made a mistake as a teacher and what you got out of getting it wrong. Each submission will offer the comfort of exposing the imperfection of even experts in the field while imparting advice for navigating the workplace issues teachers face. They will also serve as the guide for parents and school leaders on how to support the teachers who are in their early years of teaching. Submissions might focus on:

  • The nuts and bolts of teaching practice such as classroom management
  • Time management, creative means of negotiating multiple demands on teachers’ time, asking for help, and saying no
  • Building relationships with students
  • Developing a culturally responsive teaching practice
  • Dealing with the psychological effects of teaching
  • Vocational guidance, career development, mapping out long-term goals
  • Building resilience, energy management, mindfulness
  • Communicating with parents and other stakeholders
  • Building support systems, community, and professional learning networks
  • Balancing policy mandates and the needs of students
  • Effective use of technology
  • Student crisis management and handling of the school safety issues
  • How to interact with colleagues, supervisors, and district personnel

We are seeking manuscripts from anyone who has taught at any level, from P-16. You do not have to be a current classroom teacher to submit. Please send essays as electronic attachments (Word documents) to Julie Warner julie.warner@gmail.com and Kip Glazer mrsglazer@gmail.com by August 15, 2018. The deadline for completed chapters will be December 15, 2018. Target date for publication will be in late 2019. The collection will be submitted to Penguin. Contact: julie.warner@gmail.com.